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Apple, ginger & celery juice

This zingy bright green drink is full of fresh ingredients to make you feel refreshed and energised. Perfect for start of the day. Preparation time: under 5 minutes / a vitamin shot for 2 We would need: 4 apples, cut in half, each half cut into wedges 2 celery sticks, trimmed 2 cm – piece of fresh ginger, peeled and sliced DIRECTIONS: Put apples, celery and ginger in the juicer and juice following the instructions of your machine. Pour into glasses and serve immediately. With love, Marie   Šviežiai spaustos obuolių, imbiero ir salierų sultys Maloniai aitraus skonio šviežiai spaustos obuolių sultys padės Jums jaustis energingiems ir žvaliems visą dieną. Skani puikios dienos pradžia. Paruošimo laikas: iki 5 minučių / Vitaminų šaltinis dviems Mums reikės: 4 obuolių, supjaustytų skiltelėmis 2 salierų stiebų 2 cm imbiero gumbo gabaliuko, nulupto ir supjaustyto GAMINAME: Sudėkite obuolius, salierą bei imbiero gabaliukus į  elektrinę sulčiaspaudę ir išspauskite sultis. Supilkite į stiklines ir iš karto patiekite. Į sveikatą! Su meile, Marie

Superfood: Smoked Mackerel and Quinoa Salad

Fabulous quinoa meets lovely mackerel in a definitely good for you salad. It’s scrumptious super and packed with nutrients. It also tastes wonderful and has a nice crunch. A perfect salad for a big lunch to share with your family&friends. Preparation + cooking time: 70 min / Serves 4 We would need: 1 medium sized sweet potato, unpeeled Olive oil 100 g quinoa, dry 300 ml of water 1/2 of vegetable stock cube 1/2 of red onion, finely sliced 1/2 of medium cucumber, sliced into thin rounds (or shaped as half-rounds) 3 handfuls of rocket salad 4 smoked mackerel fillets (you can use smoked salmon if you like) For the dressing: 1 tbp of wholegrain mustard 2 tbp of freshly squeezed lemon juice 5 tbp of olive oil Some salt & pepper DIRECTIONS: Preheat the oven to Gas mark 4/ 350°F/ 180 °C. Pierce sweet potato several times with the tines of a fork. Then place it on a baking sheet lined with foil, drizzle over olive oil and bake until tender, for about 45 minutes. Place the quinoa in …